Our Beliefs

Double P Corporation is pledging to all Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, and Red Mango customers that you are our guest and we want you to experience  “Wow” when you visit our stores.  We believe that speed, service, and the hospitality that the guest receives at the front line plays a very important role in how our guests think about our brand and their experience in returning to our store.  Having our guest’s face light up with delight after exceeding his or her expectations is extremely rewarding for us! We understand to keep our guests of today, we cannot be content just to give them a pretzel/cinnabon and their drink.  We need our guests to become raving fans – guests who are so excited about the way we treat them, we believe they will want to tell stories about us.  We believe these guests become part of your sales force and our marketing!  We also know that “great service” is not an accident. It takes forethought and planning.  It takes all of us, each team member in every store to set the example for each other and our co-workers.  How do we do this?

  • Understanding Double P Corp’s mission statement it’s so important for all our team members to learn this during the onboarding process and live it every day.   Our mission is to “Provide every guest a positive experience, one pretzel/cinnabon at a time”.
  • Simply, “Wow our guest!  That means: greeting the guest (Welcome to Auntie Anne’s, how may I help you?), thanking the guest for their visit.  Make the guests understand that we appreciate them.  Treat them as our guest.
  • We want and will empower YOU, all our team members to experiment.  Try and do new things that enhance the guest experience.  In addition, we are empowering each and every one of you to go the extra mile for the guest.  We believe that our team members take a company from “good to great”.  We want to be great and we know you also want to work for a “great company” that you are proud of and where our guests are proud to visit.
  • We also want to create a learning environment, where team members can learn from the successes and failures of handling tough customers and share these experiences with your Store Manager and co-workers.  Share these lessons with each other.  That’s how you get better!
  • Mostly, we want all our team members to be excited to be working at Double P Corporation, love coming to work, love making pretzels/cinnabon, and that becomes contagious enthusiasm and drives a fun and excitable environment.  Smile and make eye contact with the customer.

We take our company values and beliefs at the very core of what we do every day.  Team DPC means Teamwork, Empower, Accountability, Memorable, Dependable, Passion and Care –